Paxson House - Artistic Expressions

Paxson House

Center for Creative Endeavors

Join us at our group art studio, where we conduct fun and relaxing workshops ranging from fluid art to marbleized paper and fabrics, as well as vision board parties.

Book your next creative event at Paxson House, whether it be a girls' night out, team building workshop, mini-retreat or a couples group art party.

Wearable Art - Marbleized Silk Scarves

Create a 15 x 60 inch and an 8 x 54 inch one-of -a-kind silk scarf.  These are created by floating acrylic paint on a water surface, then combing, raking, and swirling your very own pattern.  The scarf is then placed atop your pattern, where the image is "printed" onto the silk.  This includes 2 hours of instruction and all materials needed.

Paxson House Marbleing

Acrylic Pour Party

Create colorful abstract canvasses and tiles while having a wonderful time.  Includes 2 hours of instruction with all materials provided. 

Vision Board Workshops

Our workshops are a relaxing and fun way to envision your new season, your new goals, and your dreams.  Includes 2-1/2 hours of Connie's interactive coaching and all supplies needed.

"Artful Play" classes and Themed Workshops are heat at Paxson House, at your office, in your home or at your chosen venue.  We help you to create a masterpiece and experience the freedom of being a kid again.  Join us and get past your "I'm not artistic" voice.

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